The aesthetic vision held by our interior architecture studio is anchored in creative classicism. Sustained by 180 years of history, we believe that a complete mastery of classical aesthetic expression is a vital prerequisite to contemporary design. This relationship forged with the history of decorative arts and rooted in French heritage is nonetheless unhesitatingly open to the world, welcoming new combinations of culture and savoir-faire. Our objective is simply exceptional interiors brimming with color, art, and life, effortlessly blending with their environment and in flawless harmony with how their users live their lives.

By virtue of its in-house workshops, our interior architecture studio possesses profound knowledge of the world of artistic craftsmanship and can access the most exceptional resources, materials, and artisans from across the globe for our projects. These undertakings are designed in Paris by an experienced team that is mindful of embodying a singular interpretation of French excellence. A team which, nevertheless, is happy to gaze upon its own history with a mischievous glint in its eye, playfully reaching for classical hallmarks, the better with which to reinvent them.