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The study : blending furniture and workspace

  1. Two visions of the Study

    Shaped by both history and work organization, our conceptions of the office are constantly evolving. Hortense Leluc, decoration and design journalist, and Anne Bony, design historian, invite us into their respective studies and share their perspectives on these environments.

  2. The Amarante Collection

    Imagined as an ensemble for a home office, Amarante includes a desk, a chair, a rug, an ottoman, a daybed, a bookcase and two columns.

    The fabrics are part of the first collection of textiles designed by Rinck - edited by Maison Thevenon.

  3. The History of the Desk - Part I

    Armoires and cupboards, tables and chairs, sofas and beds : Of all the furniture handed down to us by history, the piece that is surely the most powerfully linked to the evolution of society is the desk. The reasons for this are clear when we recall this object’s primary purpose : writing.

  4. The History of the Desk - Part II

    In 2024, Rinck turned 183. Nearly two centuries of history that have seen an ever-increasing number of projects. It goes without saying that the company has designed and produced an incalculable number of desks during this time. Let’s look at just of few of them, those that are perhaps the most emblematic.

  5. The Creative Process behind Amarante

    Designed as a complete ensemble for a home office, watch the creation of the Amarante collection.

Editorial Note

Welcome to the latest edition of the Journal. This month, we focus on "le Bureau," an essential piece of furniture as well as a versatile living and working space. You can find all our previous edits in the Journal section.

Discover our Activities

Rinck is an interior design enterprise, an ambassador of French lifestyle, with the distinctive characteristic of incorporating onsite production workshops, thereby dovetailing the realms of creation and fabrication. By uniting these varied trades, Rinck can source the staff’s artistic and technical mastery, as well as the expertise forged by venerable traditions, as springboards for creativity. This savoir-faire, honed over centuries, is exercised by Rinck alone, or with select partners, in the execution of prestigious projects.

  1. The creativity of the interior design and decoration studio is born of a profound understanding of the historic languages of ornamentation. This mastery of the classic catalogs and their legacies allows greater freedom in interpreting aesthetic codes. The studio creates contemporary, inspired spaces that resonate fully with their owners. An essential prerequisite to our company’s approach.

  2. The professionals in our design studio, masters of the history and hallmarks of luxury furniture, annually design one full contemporary collection, along with many bespoke pieces for exacting connoisseurs and collectors. This expertise builds upon more than 180 years of design work in the most varied styles, creating hand-in-hand with our group’s in-house workshops. Possessing such comprehensive knowledge of materials and finishes, our furniture-design teams are wholly at ease devising the most complex pieces of furniture using wood, stone, leather, precious stones, both wood and straw marquetry, and even metal.

  3. Our company – boasting its own production workshops and approaching its second century of operations – brings together many skills specific to French decorative arts. Be it our boiserie and millwork workshops, our furniture and bronze workshops, or our design offices, more than a dozen forms of savoir-faire are expertly practiced at our three sites, each having its own venerable history, a legacy that is further enriched as it is taught by one generation to the next.

    They are complementary, often complex, traditional, or innovative, and combine the nobility of handcraftsmanship and the perfection of age-old techniques with digital precision and other new practices born of technological advancements. Their uses are dedicated to the making of exceptional pieces and are mastered by women and men who, with passion and respect, transform the material into something even greater than itself and bring to life all the interiors imagined by our designers and executed for our trusting clients.


  4. Joining in creative collaboration with passionate artisans who bring their savoir-faire to life, expertly honing raw materials into singular designs, is not only a strength, it is a choice. Rinck’s love for the decorative arts often finds expression in alliances with other companies, artists, and craftspeople who embrace the same values of excellence and aesthetics.

  5. Over the past several decades, Rinck has perfected a precise project-management process making it possible to undertake top-quality missions working with decorators, interior designers, and architects who are not only the most accomplished in their fields, but the most exacting, as well.

    More often than not, our references choose to remain discreet, as the owners of yachts and superyachts, luxurious New York City townhouses, and princely London palaces. Quite a few, however, are household names.


    Our multi-material methodology (wood, metal, glass, stone, etc.) and end-to-end process – from the work of the engineering and design department to the installation to the worksite supervision – have earned our clients’ steadfast trust. Each of these fitting and/or furnishing commissions is entirely customized and unique. Each new project is also another chance for us to adapt our savoir-faire to original requirements, improve our working tools, and further hone and broaden our skills to satisfy the needs of our specifiers.

Nurtured by 180 years of history, we believe in the perfect mastery of classic ranges, a prerequisite for contemporary design. Our cultivated relationship with the history of the decorative arts is rooted in France's heritage, but resolutely turned towards the world, the meeting of cultures and know-how. Our ambition is to create exceptional interiors that are full of colour, art and life, that blend seamlessly into their surroundings and are perfectly suited to the daily lives of their users.

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