Creativity, Harmony and Savoir-faire

How can one succinctly describe what makes a decoration and interior architecture agency unique? Is it a specific style? This is often the case, but the term falls short. One could also be satisfied with making a perfectly executed Louis XV, if one had the know-how to do so, but that does not necessarily constitute a personal esthetic.

Is it a method, then? Having a methodology is essential, naturally, but with no inspiration behind it, without a knowledge of the history of the decorative arts and a grasp of volumes, such an agency would be hard-pressed to more than make a room-sized box, however perfectly executed it might be.

Valentin Goux, Rinck President & Artistic Director

Photographs © Gaspard Hermach, Hervé Goluza, Xavier Daudin / RINCK

What makes the Rinck agency so singular is our comprehensive approach dovetailing style and method – two vital, but not unique, prerequisites – to accomplish the client’s project. It must not be forgotten that we design and create interiors for our clients by applying the breadth and depth of our knowledge to express their tastes and lifestyles.

The esthetic philosophy guiding the creative achievements of our interior architecture studio has its roots in a fundamental classicism. This guides us, but does not limit us. Having one hundred and eighty years of history and experience, we can claim a flawless mastery of classical styles, considered an essential prerequisite for any contemporary design.

Our teams enjoy and cultivate an enlightened relationship with the history of the decorative arts, which are rooted in French heritage, yet open to the world and encounters between different cultures and forms of savoir-faire.

Our purpose is to create interiors of rare elegance, alive with color, art, and vitality, interiors that blend harmoniously and naturally with their environment and the lives of their occupants.

In deft combinations of inspirations, we enjoy incorporating contemporary furniture and modern art into classical decors, thereby creating interiors with rich histories, much like a room or home in which a family has added new elements decade upon decade, generation after generation.

Our studio, boasting its own in-house workshops, has a profound understanding of the world of fine craftsmanship, allowing it to draw upon the most exceptional resources, materials, and skilled individuals worldwide to bring our projects to fruition.

Our creations come to life in Paris, designed by an experienced team whose members embody the very essence of French excellence. Though we wholly honor this tradition, we have a broad and bold vision of decoration, often tinged with subtle humor, allowing us to adroitly play with classical codes, the better with which to reinvent them.