Our company – boasting its own production workshops and approaching its second century of operations – brings together many skills specific to French decorative arts. Be it our boiserie and millwork workshops, our furniture and bronze workshops, or our design offices, more than a dozen forms of savoir-faire are expertly practiced at our three sites, each having its own venerable history, a legacy that is further enriched as it is taught by one generation to the next.

They are complementary, often complex, traditional, or innovative, and combine the nobility of handcraftsmanship and the perfection of age-old techniques with digital precision and other new practices born of technological advancements. Their uses are dedicated to the making of exceptional pieces and are mastered by women and men who, with passion and respect, transform the material into something even greater than itself and bring to life all the interiors imagined by our designers and executed for our trusting clients.


  1. Wood is a noble, subtle, living substance that is central to our work. We work with many species, be they indigenous or exotic, in both solid or veneer form, allowing the expression of cabinetmaking through sculpture or marquetry, for furniture, outfitting, or boiserie projects

  2. The craftspeople at Rinck have a comprehensive knowledge of the metal trades that encompasses a legacy of generational expertise. Be it steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or bronze, they have mastered the specialized technical savoir-faire related to each. Transforming this material, taming it, hammering it, chiseling it, pushing it, bending it, making it sing – this is a labor of love for our artisans. From cutting to welding, from chasing to mounting to polishing, their savoir-faire makes it possible to create high-quality ornamental decorations with applications ranging from furniture to outfitting.

  3. The many forms of savoir-faire mastered by the artisans at Rinck make it possible for them to incorporate precious materials when crafting custom furniture and executing outfitting projects.

  4. Our meticulous artisans are the proud possessors of tremendous dexterity, able to cover any article or surface in the realms of furnishings and fittings with leather or any other soft material through sheathing, saddlery, tapestry, and upholstering in leathers or textiles.

  5. If there is one artistic practice that unites every team member and every department at Rinck, it is drawing. From the conceptual and artistic sketches by our architects and designers, to the meticulous and exacting sketches of our sculptors, to the technical drawings by our design offices, our business always begins with a single line. Be it ornamental or technical, it is the foundation of all our creations.

  6. From traditional French polish to contemporary spray shellacking, from patinating to polishing to plating, from gold-leaf gilding to lacquering to decorative painting, we take tremendous care with our finishes. As the final touch on a carefully crafted piece of furniture, the finish is designed to underscore and deepen its perfection.