A Seventies inspiration

To mark the opening of the new Galerie Rinck, our furniture-design teams have created some remarkable pieces made especially to furnish the private lounge area at the rear of the space. This lounge is both cozy and elegant, ideal for receiving our clients while we discuss their interior design projects, a setting that embodies Rinck’s creative DNA: inspired, elegant, inventive.

Pictures © Gaspard Hermach/RINCK

We reimagined a sofa originally designed in 1973 by very slightly tweaking the original lines, then presented it at the Salon de la Société National des Beaux-Arts at the Grand Palais in Paris. The new version has a very Seventies appeal that gives the gallery space refined sophistication, with a gold metallic plinth and generous rectangular volumes creating contrast with the Hébé tables.

The original sofa was upholstered in brown fabric, but our updated version is covered in one of the textiles we created two years ago for Maison Thevenon. The pattern is a nod to the colorful Cubist wallpapers of the 1930s, with a dense interplay of overlapping, intertwining, and broken planes.

Completing the ensemble is an armchair – also made in our workshops – that combines comfort and elegance with gentlemen’s-club spirit.

Beside it is a multipurpose end table. This piece was originally created for the Hébé collection and is now available in a new color, a deep blue that coordinates beautifully with the hues of the seat fabric.

You will now find these pieces online or can come see them in person at Galerie Rinck, 18 rue de Beaune in Paris, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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