Rinck Finds a Home on the Rive Gauche

For Rinck, it may be an arrival, but it feels more like a return. In the 1970s, Gérard Rinck, at the company’s helm in that day, opened a gallery on rue des Saints-Pères to display his firm’s contemporary designs, leaving the traditional creations at the original premises in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine. Back then, Rinck’s works rubbed elbows with art brut and creative lacquers in a space with a distinctively Seventies look and feel. Those years also saw the last of the annual releases of contemporary collections, before such creation was revived at Rinck in 2020.

Pictures © Gaspard Hermach/RINCK

Fifty years later, we’re back in the neighborhood: Rinck’s new site is at 18 rue de Beaune, a five-minute walk from the original gallery. The space is meant to hold the contemporary collections created by our in-house design studio: first “Félicité” in January 2020, then “Hébé” in 2021, “Amarante” in 2022, then “Passage” in 2023, as well as the “Ornements” capsule collection cocreated with Fromental in 2022. These designs have, until now, been shown in temporary locations, at the Maison & Objet show in Paris, the Alcova show in Milan, as well as in our New York showroom.

We needed a place in Paris. And now we have one, with an elongated gallery divided into three distinct spaces. First, an exhibit area showing you some of the creations released since 2020. Then a transitional space, a contemporary reimagining of the interior tents seen in the mid-20th century in so many prestigious apartments, from the Empire style to elite Paris and New York abodes. And, lastly, a private lounge bringing together the inspirations of Rinck creations from the Seventies, but also shades of Art Deco, with a gouged-wood boiserie bookcase featuring original period bronzes from the maker.

This new space provides Rinck with premises for hosting events and themed exhibits throughout the year. The Galerie Rinck is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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