The Making of the Hébé Collection

A video team went behind the scenes at our workshops, filming the fascinating phases of the design and manufacturing of our 2021 contemporary furniture collection, Hébé Collection.

Now, in sight and sound, you can witness this collaboration between our designers, interior architects, and craftspeople in an alliance of savoir-faire and creativity that is the very essence of Rinck.

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A detailed look at the Hébé collection

The Hébé collection, created by Rinck over the course of 2020, was unveiled in January 2021. It is a feminine vision of the smoking room, rife with symbolism of the goddess of eternal youth, cupbearer to the gods and goddesses. Could it suggest a longing to make merry, to escape these morose times in which we find ourselves ? Indeed.

A history of the smoking room

It was a requisite room in the mansions and elegant dwellings of yesteryear, now reminiscent of a bygone era of club chairs, smoking jackets, and sparkling social lives : the smoking room.

The Creative Process behind Amarante

Designed as a complete ensemble for a home office, watch the creation of the Amarante collection.

Passage collection

The 2023 Passage collection explore the ties between nature and mankind’s intervention therein. A house’s informal entrance, often accessed through a side or back door and traditionally known as the “mudroom” in English country houses and American homes, is the symbolic point of passage from outdoors to indoors, from vegetation to civilization. It seemed a space conducive to creative reflection and inspiration.