La boiserie by Rinck

For more than two years, while our interior architecture studio has been working on a Louis XV interior-design project, we have been documenting the creative process. These slices of Rinck life are precious treasures for our archives, tracing the birth of a boiserie de style, from the first sketches to the scale drawings, from the sculpting to the gilding. This information serves as testament to our method as applied to neoclassical interior architecture – one of Rinck’s specialties since the late 19th century – as we design interior décors that satisfy our clients’ express wishes and precise tastes.

The Making of the Hébé Collection

Our 2021 collection of contemporary furniture, the Hébé Collection, was unveiled last January. Over the course of last year, a video team went behind the scenes at our workshops, filming the fascinating phases of the collection’s design and manufacturing.
Now, in sight and sound, you can witness this collaboration between our designers, interior architects, and craftspeople in an alliance of savoir-faire and creativity that is the very essence of Rinck.